Theatre of Tragedy – Remixed (2019)

Genre : Doom Metal, Death Metal, Gothic Metal
Release Date : 2019
Format : Flac (tracks)
Quality : Lossless

01. And When He Falleth (Das Ich Remix)
02. Black as the Devil Painteth (Das Ich Remix)
03. Lorelei (Icon of Coil Remix)
04. Reverie (Current Remix)
05. Machine (VNV Nation Remix)
06. Envision (Conetik Remix)
07. Let You Down (Rico Darum & Superdead Remix)
08. Motion (Funker Vogt Remix)
09. Storm (Zeromancer Remix)
10. Fade (Pride and Fall Remix)
11. Frozen (Ambrosius Remix)
12. Deadland (Tommy Olsson Remix)
13. Forever Is the World (Siva Six Remix)