Marilyn Monroe – Diamonds (2019)

Genre: Jazz, Pop
Year: 2019
Format: Mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Description: Studio Album!

01. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
02. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
03. I’m Gonna File My Claim
04. Kiss
05. Let’s Make Love
06. One Silver Dollar
07. After You Get What You Want, You Don’t Want It
08. River of No Return
09. Some Like It Hot
10. Two Little Girls from Little Rock
11. Anyone Can See I Love You
12. Rachmaninov and Chopsticks (With Tom Ewell)
13. I Found a Dream
14. When Love Goes Wrong (Nothing Goes Right)
15. She Acts Like a Woman Should
16. Ladies of the Chorus
17. I’m Through with Love
18. I Wanna Be Loved by You